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Sheffield, IA USA 50475-0677

Continuous Innovation

We stay on the leading edge of technology to help farms work more efficiently than ever.

High-Quality Strength

Sukup bins are the strongest and best-fitting in the industry and will stand the test of time.

Best-Of-Industry Performance

Helping farmers maximize their profits is our top goal.

The Little Things Matter

If there’s ever a concern, we always have a person available – not just an automated system.

Garret Wedekemper, Wedekemper’s Inc.

Carlisle, IL

What first brought us on board with Sukup was the issues we were having with the previous supplier of our dryers. They just weren’t quality. They just didn’t hold up. All of our dryer customers we’re able to service a lot better because of the higher quality products that Sukup’s providing us.

Grain Dryers

Sukup: Your Solution for Tackling a Wet Harvest Season. Sukup Manufactures Mixed Flow Dryers, Cross Flow Dryers, and Tower Dryers.

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