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An urban community in Windsor, Colorado, was becoming increasingly disconnected from its roots as an agricultural farming community.


Quality Storage Solutions incorporated Sukup grain bins and bin components as structures throughout the community water park. Other agricultural design elements, including a center pivot sprinkler, old tractors, and a musical covered bridge also spoke to its farming heritage.

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The Raindance River Resort Project

Grain Bin Themed Office Project

Raindance River Resort is a community water park designed with an agricultural theme. The objective of this project was to expose the residences of the urban community to the agricultural history of the area.

Three farm bins of various sizes were used as the mechanical room and restrooms. Five grain bin roofs were used for the water park slide and cabanas with a half ring around each roof. Each structure has a cupola lid, and their ceilings are perforated floor planks turned upside down. The bins were erected around existing cinder block structures creating some difficulty. Stiffeners were used to adhere to cinder block walls and then fastened sidewall sheets to the stiffeners. Quality Storage Solutions, LLC provided the grain bins for this custom project.

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