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The Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryer (U.S. Patent #10,378,820) is the only one on the market that combines the excellent grain quality of a mixed-flow dryer with the vacuum-cooling efficiency of a tower dryer. The result is high test-weight grain while burning less fuel per bushel dried. Maintenance is also reduced with mixed flow dryers because there are no screens that need to be cleaned on cool, damp days to maintain capacity and efficiency.

Mixed-Flow Drying Chamber

  • Drying is done in 2’ tall tiers with a row of triangular exhaust ducts exposed to the outside of the dryer in each tier, and a row of intake ducts exposed to the center plenum of the dryer in each tier
  • The intake and exhaust ducts are tee-pee shaped, not triangular, so hot drying air coming through the intake duct enters into the grain all the way along the column allowing all the grain to be exposed to the same drying temperature, eliminating the over-dried and under-dried areas that are common in cross-flow (screen) dryers
  • The mixed-flow chamber holds approximately twice as much grain vertically as a cross-flow (screen) dryer. This means there is only about ½ the airflow per bushel in mixed-flow vs. cross flow dryers. Longer grain drying and retention time results in improved grain quality and test weight.
  • Less airflow per bushel means less static pressure for the fans to work against and therefore less HP needed. Slower air speed through the grain allows it to become more saturated with moisture, making more efficient use of the warm air.

Vacuum-Cooling (U.S. Patent #10,378,820)

  • Drying occurs in the top tiers of Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryers; Vacuum-cooling is accomplished in the bottom screened sections which recovers heat during the cooling process, so Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryers are more fuel-efficient than traditional pressure cool dryers
  • Sukup is the only company in the industry using this method in Mixed-Flow Dryers

Single Conveyor Unloading System (SUKUP EXCLUSIVE)

  • The patented design of Sukup Mixed-Flow Dryers allows both columns to discharge into a single conveyor unloading system; competing units require two or three conveyors, making the Sukup unloading system much simpler
  • Auger or drag-chain conveyors available
  • Drag-chain conveyors use our Static Moisture Sampler that catches a sample of discharged grain, tests the moisture, and releases it, making it more accurate than testing moving grain


  • With the large, triangle ducts along the sides of the Mixed-Flow Dryers, saturated air flows through with ease without plugging up with fines and bee wings; this nearly eliminates any losses in capacity or efficiency due to debris build-up on conventional screen dryers

Compare Apples to Apples

  • Because tiers are used for drying and screens are used for cooling, compare only the number of mixed-flow tiers drying grain in a competitive dryer to the Sukup Mixed-Flow; for example, capacity of a 6-tier Mixed-Flow Dryer is comparable to competitors’ 8-tier models if 2 of those tiers are used for cooling


  • Some models of Sukup Mixed-Flow dryers may be ordered as EXPANDABLE, meaning that a 4-tier module with a fan/heater can be added to the top of the dryer at a later date. Some can be ordered as DOUBLE EXPANDABLE, meaning that two 4-tier modules each with fan/heater can be added to the top of the dryer at a later date. EXPANDABLE dryers have taller cooling screens, heavier mixed flow tiers at the bottom, and possibly larger load/unload motors if needed.
  • Louvers on intake of the bottom fan allow you to adjust the temperature of the grain discharging from the dryer
  • Select from either Gravity Fill or a Leveling Auger on top of the dryer; Gravity Fill eliminates moving parts, but makes the fill height a little taller while a Leveling Auger minimizes fill height and does a little better job distributing light fines/stalks throughout the dryer
  • The Upper Service Catwalk at the top of the dryer is standard, as well as the catwalks around each heater in the front of the dryer, and each plenum access door at the back of the dryer
  • An optional Side Clean-off Catwalk that wraps around both sides of the dryer is available
  • Support legs are available in 3’, 4’, or 5’ heights
  • An Ethernet cable connects the QuadraTouch Pro control box to the dryer. 50', 100', 150' or 200' lengths available
  • Smaller perforated hole sizes in the cooling screens are available and recommended for canola and other small grains. Standard cooling screens are good for corn and soybeans
  • An auger suspended on hangar bearings is the standard unload conveyor for 16’ and 24’ dryers, a drag-chain conveyor is optional. The drag-chain conveyor is standard on 32’ mixed flow dryers. One motor drives both the drag-chain conveyor and metering rolls and the entire system speeds up or slows down based on grain moisture, which is very gentle on the grain
  • Both the auger and drag-chain conveyor unloads can be extended out from the dryer if needed
Product Features
  • Patented Vacuum Cooling Design
  • Exclusive Single Unloading System
  • QuadraTouch Pro™ controls with S.M.A.R.T. Loop™ Moisture Control
  • Optional Conveyor Unloading with Static Sampling
  • Adjustable Discharge Grain Temp
Martha Dahlke,
Wonderful company that really cares about their customers, employees, and community!


What are the advantages of mixed-flow dryers?

  • Longer grain retention results in better grain quality and test weight
  • Less fan HP for the same capacity than cross-flow dryers
  • Less fuel consumption per bushel than cross-flow dryers
  • Little cleaning required in season to maintain dryer capacity and efficiency
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