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Sukup Tube and Well Unloading Systems are a carry-in sweep featuring a galvanized backboard making moving the system from one bin to another time efficient. 6”, 8”, and 10” angle ring or sleeve mount systems available.

Standard Features

  • Fast, economical unloading
  • Pull the flighting without removing the powerhead
  • Choose angle ring or sleeve mount
  • Carry-in sweep can be moved from bin to bin easily
  • Galvanized backboard with patented sweep scraper removes the maximum amount of grain possible
  • Powerhead design allows easy belt adjustment

Carry-In Sweep

  • Includes drive belt, galvanized backboard with patented sweep scrapers and direct drive wheel
  • Reduction drive wheel is standard on 8" carry-in sweeps over 40' and all 10 " carry-in sweeps

Center Sumps

  • 6" and 8" galvanized center sumps are available in full gate or concrete (half-gate) style
  • 10" center sumps are full gate style only
  • 10" sumps fit under 13 1/4" floor supports

Intermediate Sumps

  • Band-on, half gate type
  • Controls rods on 6" and 8" are telescoping, center pull type
  • Rods are located on both sides of the tube on 10" systems
  • Intermediate sump top is separate from the sump for easy installation

Choose Angle Ring or Sleeve Mount

  • 6" and 8" Sukup Tube & Well Systems are available as either angle ring or sleeve mount units
  • 10" systems are available as sleeve mount only
  • Angle ring units are compatible with other brands of equipment and feature 24" of stub flighting in the powerhead
  • Sleeve mount units feature one-piece flighting

Product Accessories

  • Reduction drive wheel is optional on all 6" and 8" carry-in sweeps up to 40'
  • Optional rollers are available on 6" and 8" intermediate sumps
  • Roller bearings or nylon slide rails are optional on 6" and 8" center sumps
Product Features
  • Economical and Easy to Service
  • Able to be Moved from One Bin to Another
Jim Rothers, Global Bin Builders

Kerkhoven, MN

I buy my product from Sukup because I know that they are going to stand behind it. That is somebody’s name on that bin …. and that somebody owns this business and they kind of take it personal.
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