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The Sukup U-Trough Powersweep combines innovative design and efficient performance to optimize grain unloading processes. This system is tailored to handle high grain capacities efficiently, capable of moving up to 6,000 bushels per hour using gravity unload. This system requires 13 ½ in. floor clearance and features a flexible pivot (double chain sprocket) that allows the sweep to follow the floor’s contour but can be upgraded with a paddle sweep.

The Sukup U-Trough Powersweep is equipped with several features that enhance its functionality and ease of use in grain handling. The U-Trough Powersweep includes rack and pinion openers, making it easier to control and operate. It incorporates intermediate sumps, which facilitate efficient grain flow, as well as an external clutch, which offers the operator the control to unload the grain with gravity before engaging the power sweep. Standard with the U-Trough Powersweep, the auger sweep features a 16-to-1 polyurethane reduction drive wheel, which decreases wheel speed without sacrificing forward movement.

The U-Trough Powersweep is available with a horizontal powerhead and incline. Additionally, the U-Trough Powersweep includes a paddle sweep option which is particularly effective at cleaning the bin thoroughly, ensuring minimal grain is left behind after unloading. With operator safety in mind, the Sukup paddle sweepway provides a zero-entry option to fully clean out your grain bin.

The U-Trough Powersweep is a dependable solution for the efficient and effective management of grain unloading operations.

Standard Features

  • Sumps on both sides of gearbox allow for better grain flow in bin
  • Unload up to 6,000 BPH
  • 10" system
  • Unload ¼” flighting, providing commercial-grade strength and durability
  • Unload flighting extends past bin center to maximize capacity
  • Sealed roller bearings make it easier for center slide gate to move under pressure from grain
  • Heavy-duty external clutch
  • Pivoting backboard with 16:1 reduction drive wheel comes standard
  • The first intermediate sump can be utilized as the primary unload sump if the center sump becomes plugged or blocked
  • Galvanized steel is formed into a C shape to make an extra-strong backboard
  • A torsion bar runs along the back of the C channel, adding strength and rigidity to the backboard
  • Patented scrapers (U.S. Patent# 6,254,329) are attached to the backboard to ensure the most grain possible is picked up off the floor
  • Scrapers are field-adjusted to meet your needs
  • Fits under 13 ¼” floor clearance
  • Convenient center sump openings on both sides of gearbox
  • Ergonomic rack and pinion controls and clutch engaging handle

Product Accessories

  • Horizontal powerhead
  • Incline powerhead
  • Paddle Sweepway
  • Rubber or polyurethane pads for 16:1 reduction wheel drive
Product Features
  • Exclusive Reduction Wheel Drive
  • Rack and Pinion Openers
  • Long-Life and Heavy Duty
  • One Piece Design for Easy Installation
Mark Geis, Geis Equipment, Inc.

Greensburg, IN

Being familiar with the competition, the quality of the products is what brought me to Sukup to begin with. I’ve seen so much junk out there, and Sukup’s got quality. Everything is top quality. That’s really what’s made the sales for me.


What is the Sukup U-Trough Powersweep?

The Sukup U-Trough Powersweep is an advanced grain unloading system designed for efficient and thorough unloading of grain from storage bins. It is a higher capacity system for unloading bins with same flexibility as the Sukup Sweepway options.

What are the benefits of using the U-Trough Powersweep?

Benefits include faster unloading of grain bins and improved safety by minimizing the need to enter the bin.

What are some key features of the U-Trough Powersweep?

The Sukup U-Trough Powersweep features an exclusive reduction drive wheel, rack and pinion openers, intermediate sumps, center sump, external clutch, and incline powerheads.
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